Cynthia Yancey

Cynthia Yancey is a public health physician. After thirty years of working, from the Himalayas to the Andes to her downtown clinic in Asheville, NC, she is writing the stories of her life. Some of them have been published recently as stand-alone personal essays in the literary journals listed below. 

As a Christmas present to her children in 2019, she completed a memoir entitled Love Songs to my Children: a medical mother’s musings from blues to rhapsody. In an attempt to better understand the stories and traumas of family and work life, she writes their highs and lows lovingly and is currently waiting for her now grown children’s feedback before sending this book out into the world. It is her hope that these stories of single parenting her four children in the midst of a busy public health career will help other parents, armed with her experiences, to perhaps do it better than she did.

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