Cynthia Yancey

This website is part of my transition from a world in which I tried to survive on a daily basis running between my public health clinic and my responsibilities as a single parent.  Now as I near retirement, with my children all grown, I am writing my stories and hoping to share them with the world.

I went into medicine with a deep desire to be as helpful as possible.  In medical school, I went on expedition to the Himalayas to begin to learn about international health where the biggest need seemed to be.  Without a husband who shared my interests, I ended working in public health in downtown Asheville, NC for over thirty years, attending to the needs of our international community here.

My memoir starts in the Himalayas, then comes back to my childhood, then to each of my four children’s beginnings.  It is a search for our truth, through our many traumas.  It is an attempt to share our trials and our lessons along our often tumultuous ways.

© Cynthia Yancey

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